Escalator Cleaning Equipment and Machine

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West Coast Escalator Cleaning LLC always stays ahead with their unique approach and advanced equipment.

Escalators cleaning equipment plays one of the most important roles in the cleaning process. The top-of-the-line equipment we use ensures quality service without harming the escalator steps or mechanical inner workings.

The escalator cleaning equipment we utilize extracts the harmful grease, grit, dust and dirton-site in 4 to 6 hours typically without dismantling the escalator and removing steps. Below mentioned are some equipment selections we use to conduct our cleanings.


The Rotomac escalator cleaning products are manufactured with the highest standards of German technology. The Rotomacescalator cleaning machines are specific to cleaning escalators and one of only a few machines that clean both steps and risers simultaneously. It is considered by those in the industry to be the finest designed product meant to be used for cleaning of escalators. Rotomac escalator cleaning machines are available in different models: Rotomac 360, Rotomac 340 and Rotomac 330. The features of the Rotomacmachines include:

Duplex 550

Duplex 550 is created in Italy and offers escalator cleaning services that support the Rotomac machines. This machine can be used for both wet and dry cleaning for both escalator steps and horizontal people moving sidewalks. This one machine provides services to both types of escalators which can be used as an alternative to other machines in the market which is only used for step cleaning. Duplex 550 has trademarked auto guide mechanism that provides support to machines for all types of escalators. Any customer would prefer wet mopping the floor as compared to dust mopping, and this is the main feature provided in this machine. The features of Duplex 550 are -

Escalator step cleaning is important as escalators tend to get debris and dirt lodged in the treads with heavy usage. Untidy escalators look bad and it negatively affects the position of the facility.

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